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[Monthly Report] June 2024 | 2024.07.3

We would like to report on our activities in June 2024.

1. Activities this month


Fram Kitagawa participated in the board meeting and general meeting of the Oku-Noto Triennale Executive Committee. He also invited Kenji Kai, Director of the Planning and Activity Support Office at Sendai Mediatheque, as a guest speaker for a study session on earthquake disaster archives.
At the board meeting and general meeting of the Support Suzu General Incorporated Association, discussions were held on the future collaboration between Support Suzu and Yassa Project.
Repairs of artworks at the Suzu Theatre Museum were carried out with the artists. We also participated in mowing the grass in the Kitayama community where Mr. Masanori Koyama's "Bottle Ship" is located.

2. Activity report


■Board of Directors Meeting and General Meeting of the Oku-Noto Triennnale Executive Committee
Along with a report on the outline of the Oku-Noto Triennale  to be held in 2023, the damage to artworks caused by the earthquake was shared. The future of the triennale is still a blank sheet of paper, but the Yassa Project will continue to repair the artworks in preparation for future tours to Suzu and other events.

■Study Session on the Earthquake Disaster Archive
In order to learn how to proceed with the archiving project, which is positioned as one of the main activities of the Yassa Project, Fram Kitagawa held a study session with Kenji Kai of Sendai Mediatheque as a guest.
The Sendai Mediatheque has been offering the "Center for Remembering March 11" as a platform for independently communicating and documenting the Great East Japan Earthquake and the process of recovery and reconstruction. as a platform for independently communicating and documenting the Great East Japan Earthquake and its recovery and reconstruction process.

■Repairing the works at the Suzu Theatre Museum
Until now, the main work after the earthquake had been first aid and safety inspections, but during this stay, repair work on each of the museum's artworks began in earnest.
On the first day of activities, we first checked the ceiling of the building. We borrowed tools for working at height from a local construction company, assembled them, removed the ceiling panels in several places, and inspected the steel frame and roof beams suspending the ceiling panels for warping or missing welds. As a result, some distortion was found in some areas, but it did not affect the safety of the building or the walking through the building.
We also restored the trusses and lighting equipment that had been temporarily taken down from the ceiling for this inspection.


Steel frame under verification

We continued the repair of works by the artist unit OBI, which had begun at the end of April.
We re-fixed the fallen and damaged red and black plates while also examining how to fix and arrange them afterwards. We also cleaned each of the folk artifacts that had been laid out on the floor and rearranged them once more, a detailed process.


Repairs being done to OBI works


Repairs being carried out on OBI works


Repairs being carried out on OBI works


Shelf of everyday items seen from the spectator seating area

We restored a shelf that had been displaying everyday items, taking up an entire wall.

The folk tools that had survived the damage were returned to the shelves, strengthened, re-secured, and even re-lit, and the repairs were completed to the point where it looked as if nothing had happened.

Since its completion in 2021, regular maintenance of the work has been carried out by members of Support Suzu, but this time, artists participating in the Suzu Theater Museum also joined in, re-fixing many of the folk tools while comparing them with photographs of the completed work, and it was a time to relive the production scene at that time.

■ Media appearances etc.

July 1st Hokuriku Broadcasting Atta Special "Six months since the Noto Peninsula earthquake"

Takako Tokiwa, an actor who also appeared in the far-flung reading drama "Utsutsu Furu Suzu," visited Suzu on a Hokuriku Broadcasting program to report on the current situation in the disaster-stricken areas.

3. Artists' Movement

■ Masanori Koyama

On June 1st and 2nd, local residents, including Koyama, cut grass in Kitayama village, where the work "Bottle Ship" is located. All households in Kitayama village continue to live in evacuation shelters, but residents from each evacuation site gathered together to cut grass in order to maintain the village.

■ Kazuko Murao

Kazuko Murao, who exhibited "Sazae House" at the Oku-Noto Triennale in 2017, held a "Sazae Mikoshi" in Kyojima, Sumida Ward, Tokyo in collaboration with Kyojima Station, an art group led by Gai Hirosegai.

During the Kyojima Station Rain Festival, which took place over two days on June 29th and 30th, everyone carried a turban shell mikoshi (portable shrine) and paraded through the Kirakira Tachibana shopping arcade around Kyojima.

This is a precursor to participating in the "Sunadoribushi Festival" to be held on August 13th in Bakumachi, Suzu City, and in Suzu, they plan to parade along the coast with the "Sazaekiriko."

The staff at Sento Denkiyu have just returned from volunteering at Kaihin Amidayu in Suzu.


"Sazae Mikoshi" by Kazuko Murao and others


at the Denki-yu public bath.

4. The state of Suzu

There are currently 25 evacuation centers in Suzu City, with approximately 340 people taking refuge there (as of July 1st, according to the Ishikawa Prefecture website). There are currently 903 temporary and reconstruction housing units that have been completed, and approximately 740 units that are planned or under construction (as of June 19th, according to the June assembly).

The first local residents' opinion exchange meeting was held in all 10 districts of the city from June 1st to 14th. There are many issues to be addressed, including the restoration of daily life, such as housing and infrastructure facilities, and the resumption of livelihoods such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and opinions were collected from each district with the aim of formulating a Suzu City reconstruction plan by the end of the year.

The second event is scheduled to be held in August.

▼Local Residents Opinion Exchange Meeting_Suzu City

▼Reconstruction Planning Committee - Suzu City

<Water supply and sewerage>

Water has been restored except for 985 households in areas where early restoration is difficult (as of June 16th, as announced by the city council).

The damage assessment of the combined septic tanks has been mostly completed, and the results are being sent to each home one by one. Work to restore the septic tanks will proceed in the future.

▼Water supply and sewerage - Suzu City

<Transportation information>

Currently, two-way traffic is allowed on the Satoyama Kaido road heading from Kanazawa towards Suzu City between Tokuda-Otsu IC and Noto Satoyama Airport IC, but it is expected that two-way traffic will be allowed from Wednesday, July 17th.

* Two-way traffic will be secured near Noto Ohashi Bridge between Koshinohara IC and Anamizu IC by the end of September.

▼Please refer to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website for details.

5. July activities

■Suzu Theater Museum

We have been considering what we can do at the Suzu Theater Museum, which was completed with the cooperation of local residents and tools collected from all over Suzu City, to help with the ongoing cleanup of each home. In mid-July, we plan to hold a workshop to create a time capsule at Shiosai Restaurant. We hope that this workshop will be a place to share various stories with the residents and carve out memories.

Noto Peninsula Earthquake Suzu Support Dance Project

Kozue Hibino, who has participated in the Oku-Noto Triennale since 2017, has launched a dance project in Suzu. The first event is scheduled for July. Details such as the venue and time schedule will be posted on the Yasser Project website as soon as they are decided.


Friday, July 26

July 27 (Saturday)

Sunday, July 28

■ Supporting activities aimed at formulating a reconstruction plan for Suzu City

We will continue to work to expand our exchanges so that we can gather the voices of many local people in order to formulate a reconstruction plan for Suzu City.

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